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Hi, I’m Vishal

Do you wish you were better at defending your views?

Do you ever feel like someone’s argument is wrong, but you can’t articulate why it’s wrong?

Do you sometimes struggle with decision-making?

There’s a set of skills that make all of these possible. People often call them “critical thinking” skills. But what are critical thinking skills? Many people talk about them, but few seem to know.

Critical thinking skills are tools for thinking accurately. If you want to do a job well, you need the right tools. For example, in order to make effective household repairs, you need a screwdriver, a hammer, a measuring tape, and other tools. The same goes for thinking. In order to do it accurately, you need some tools such as knowing how to present and evaluate arguments, and knowing how to identify biases and fallacies.

Without critical thinking skills, you’re just accepting beliefs that you didn’t choose and didn’t verify. But where do you learn critical thinking skills? They’re not taught in schools–which I think is criminal .

Think, But How? is an accessible way to learn all the fundamentals of critical thinking. It’s a toolbox for anyone who wants to think independently, and I built it to make up for the failings of my own education.

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There’s a set of skills that make you a better thinker.


I write about human potential, and thinking skills.